Why Blog?

20160406_125559Every blog needs an introduction.  Let me introduce you to who I think I am.  Many people may see me as one color or another but I am more colorful than one can imagine.  For instance, is it common for a 30-something, English speaking, Oregon born lady like myself to…well, first of all, be black American…how common is it to be born a brown baby in Oregon?  Of course my parents are both from New York!  So…anyway, you can find me listening to every type of music including Soca, West African, Classic Jazz, Dance/Electronic, and almost everything popular.  Most of my friends can’t relate.  But they can relate to my love of travel.  I wonder if any of them would join me on an adventure to Iceland or Tanzania?  Basically, I am an adventurous and diverse Aries.  If you know anything about an Aries…you know what not to do around us!
So that’s me.  Now for the why?  Why the hell am I blogging?  Am I trying to help others?  Well…that may come by default.  Am I trying to market something?  Yeah…peace, love and rants!  They are all available for purchase.  Just know that I am usually transparent and have only learned in recent years to have a filter.  It’s not easy.
Welcome to my rants, thoughts and opinions…pretty much all related to each other, but it’s always cool when others can relate to them, too.  Let me know!